Out of conflict and into school – in two minutes

In a snappy YouTube clip, Katy Webley, head of education at Save the Children,  spells out the lessons that her organisation has learned from its Rewrite the Future campaign, including the message that  “Education must become part of emergency responses, alongside food, nutrition, health and shelter.” We’ll be investigating these issues in depth in the 2011 Education for All Global Monitoring Report.



  1. Education is an important part in the life of any human being, a respective education is vital to the formation, growth, for people who can contribute to humanity and make this a better world.
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  2. I agree but I am afraid that all countries, including the US, do not have the same view of education. Education is viewed as a privilege, not a right.

  3. S.B. ekanayake Ph.D former Basic Education Advisor UN, Afghanistan and author of ' Failed Pedagogy: Need for New Pardigms (2010) says:

    I truely agree that education from primary to tertiary should be linked to devlopment issues to make them emphatic to poverty and related issues and develop skills to rectify such anamolies.

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