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Today we launch Youth, Skills & Work, a new blog where young people can make their voices heard on education and skills needed to get decent jobs. Youth, Skills & Work is open to young people around the world. You can submit text, a photo, a drawing, a poem, or join the conversation by commenting on what others have contributed.

We are gathering opinions from young people as part of our work preparing the 2012 Education for All Global Monitoring Report, which will focus on the chronic mismatch between education systems and labour markets that plagues many regions of the world.

Young people who never attended school, who left early or who left without the skills needed to thrive in literate societies, are particularly vulnerable. The 2012 EFA Global Monitoring Report will ask what kinds of policies are needed to give all young people – regardless of where they live, or their gender, ethnicity or wealth – access to employment-relevant training to help them gain access to secure work that pays a living wage.

What do you think about the need for skills and training? Share your thoughts, questions, solutions and experiences at Youth, Skills & Work.

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  1. At the India Career Development Association we intend to bridge the gap between education and work requirements by upskilling our workforce, specifically of the marginalized. Inequality can be uprooted by empowering our youth. The educated need employability skills, those who have not been to school require not only the ability to read, write and calculate (our 3R’s) but also basic life skills as well as career skills.
    It is in keeping with the realization that skill enhancement is essential for an individual to have a successful and satisfying career that ICDA plans to hold a national seminar on “Career Development: Preparing For The Road Ahead” in May 2012, which we hope will usher a major turning force in this direction. For details check

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