BRIEFLY: Promoting skills in Eastern Europe and Eurasia

Despite high unemployment rates, jobs remain vacant for months in many Eastern European countries and countries that once formed part of the Soviet Union. In Macedonia, 28% of the population is jobless – including 62% of youth, but this number could be significantly reduced if young people had the right skills. The US development agency USAID is promoting internships and facilitating job fairs for students in the region to get the young and unemployed into jobs, as the agency explains in the latest issue of its online magazine Frontlines.

The mismatch between skills and demands in the labour market will be a central topic in the 2012 Education for All Global Monitoring Report. The report will focus in particular on ways of developing young people’s skills so that those who left school early, who never attended school, or who left school without the necessary skills have a better chance of getting a job.


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