BRIEFLY: Messages from youth campaigners to governments on the skills deficit

The Arabic version of the 2012 Global Monitoring Report will be launched today in Cairo, at an event hosted by the League of Arab States. As the last of the regional launches of the Report, the event will also mark the end of the official youth campaign, which has gathered the voices of over 1,000 youth from approximately 100 countries. These young people have stressed the importance of governments giving all young people, whatever their circumstances, the opportunity to learn relevant skills that prepare them for rewarding work.

The outcomes of the youth campaign have been compiled into a multimedia report, which will be delivered to ministers of education around the world.  Click on the image to flip through the pages of messages, photos and videos from youth around the world to governments.

In addition to this multimedia report, young people have also prepared a youth version of the 2012 EFA Global Monitoring Report which has been widely disseminated at launch events around the world. Although the launch in Cairo marks the end of the official youth campaign for the 2012 Report, the GMR is continuing to engage with young people to listen to their voices on the theme of the  2013/14 Report on Teaching and Learning for Development.

youth campaign cover


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