Introducing our Spanish-Language World Education Blog/Blog de la Educación Mundial

Today, we’re launching the “Blog de la Educación Mundial for our Spanish speaking audience with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) as well as the concerns of Latin American policy makers, researchers and analysts. The new blog will containing posts with exclusive content specific to the LAC region. Please help spread the word among your networks.

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As you have hopefully seen by now, this week we have relaunched to become the Global Education Monitoring Report: the GEM Report.  The change is more than just a name. With a new mandate, we are also revisiting our ways of working, and communicating with you. One of our first changes along this line is the launch of our new Spanish blog. There will be other announcements to follow.

The blog you are reading now has been up and running since 2010, and averages up to 25,000 blog views a month. We hope our new blog will be equally as popular as a discussion forum for Spanish speakers interested in lifelong learning for all.

Please share the site with your contacts in the region.



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