Calling youth: What is the top priority in thinking about technology in education? 

With the pace of new digital technologies entering our societies seemingly speeding up, there is a temptation to think all of them can have an application in education. But this is far from true, and no single technology will be suitable for every context and every kind of learning. That means we all have a voice in saying what can be done to build sustainable, equitable and quality education systems using technological tools. Youth, in particular, who are currently learning, have a strong role. We are calling on youth to add its voice.

Together with Restless Development, the GEM Report is launching this short survey as the start of a global youth consultation we are running to hear youth voices on how technology should be used in education.

  1. What should the priorities be?
  2. What are the core challenges?
  3. How should we protect learners when learning through technology?
  4. What one message do you want to give policy makers on this issue that we can elevate together?

Your voices will be part of a global movement we are building with Restless Development to feed into a youth version of the 2023 Global Education Monitoring Report to be published by UNESCO this July on technology and education.

The discussions have already begun, with a first gathering of youth activists in New York during the ECOSOC youth forum in May. We heard your voices about making sure that girls access digital devices, and that many devices cannot be accessible for children with a disability. You spoke out about the need for a more critical take over the way that children’s data is being used by technology firms. And we heard your call for more attention to be paid on making sure that digital skills are taught in even the most hard-to-reach areas and to the most marginalized students.

The SDG 4 Youth Network and Global Students Forum have also joined the movement, helping to spread the word on the opportunity this platform provides for youth voices. Starting soon, we will be holding several more youth-led regional consultations aiming to better understand the challenges and opportunities young people from around the world face when using technology in education and to hear their recommendations for policymakers.

A call for expressions of interest for youth organizations to organize these consultations and take part in associated advocacy activities will be launched in July.

Take the survey here and stay in touch to find out more!

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