Share your views on the forthcoming 2015 EFA Global Monitoring Report

The 2015 Education for All Global Monitoring Report (EFA GMR) will review how much the EFA movement has contributed to ensuring that all children, young people and adults have benefited from the right to an education that meets their basic learning needs. Please share your views on the new extended outline of the Report through our new consultation process.

The 2015 EFA GMR will provide a definitive assessment of overall progress at the national, regional and global level toward the six EFA goals that were established in Dakar, Senegal, in 2000. The assessment will establish whether the goals were achieved and, if not, whether progress slowed or accelerated since 2000. It will pay particular attention to gaps between those groups who benefited from progress and those who did not. This assessment will provide lessons for the framing of post-2015 education goals and strategies.By 2015, many countries will still not have reached EFA

The EFA GMR team is particularly keen to receive your thoughts on the areas noted below, including suggestions on relevant data analysis and case studies.

  • Submit your comments as part of our online consultation, which will be open for the next six weeks. The views of researchers, academics, governments, non-governmental organizations, aid donors, teachers, youth and anyone with an interest in education and development are extremely welcome.
  • We will also be holding a consultation in Paris on the 6th March 12.30-1400hrs at UNESCO’s headquarters. Please get in touch for more information and to attend.

As this extended outline shows, the next and final EFA GMR Report will:

  • Identify the big changes that have taken place in educational policies and programmes since the World Education Conference in Dakar vis-à-vis the six EFA goals highlighting the factors behind these changes, including the role of the EFA movement;
  • Assess to what extent such policies and programmes were successful in making progress towards EFA objectives; and
  • Analyse how the present policy environment may influence the achievement of a more ambitious education agenda after 2015 and what monitoring tools will be needed.

We want to know if you think the note on our forthcoming Report captures the key factors that have affected progress towards each goal. To what extent – and how – do you think the EFA movement contributed to what was achieved? What lessons can be drawn from the EFA movement as a new international education agenda is taking shape?

Thank you for your time and interest in our Report – we look forward to hearing from you.



  1. The data in the report of GMR from the link provided in the article is very appealing and also progressive. If the predictions go right, then there will be significant improvements in the field of education.

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